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    Do you understand the quotation of the garment factory? In fact, the cost of clothes can be roughly divided into the following aspects: fabric price, auxiliary material price, single material consumption, embroidery cost, printing cost, washing cost, pure processing cost and factory profit. Jinan Garment Factory will give you a brief analysis:
    For an accurate quotation of a garment, it is necessary to purchase to find the price of the same fabric and accessories, as well as the printer to use the marking frame to discharge the consumption. If you need to produce paper samples and car samples for the new model, you need to calculate the proofing and car version fees separately. In addition, there is also the problem of your quality requirements, the problem of batch size (the cost of 1000 pieces and 100 pieces will certainly be different), and the difference between the high and low will be very large. According to your requirements, the factory director will calculate the work price, and add up to get an accurate quotation.
    So many people come up and ask how much a piece of clothing is like wholesale and stock. Customer service is mostly unable to answer immediately. Every part of the cost is uncertain, and the price cannot be quoted.
    In addition, there is a difference in price between processing with supplied materials and contracted labor and materials. Processing with supplied materials is different from that with contracted labor and materials. Normally, the processing plant does not bear any risk for processing with customer supplied materials, so the clothing processing plant only needs to report the normal processing fee.
    If the factory contracts for labor and materials, then the factory has to pay for the purchase of cloth, which is an investment behavior. The price quoted by the processing factory must have its profit in addition to the cost of raw materials and processing costs.
    Generally speaking, the greater the risk, the higher the profit required by the processing plant. For example, the risk of foreign orders is relatively higher than that of domestic orders. Therefore, the profit of foreign orders is generally higher than that of domestic orders. Of course, it depends on the customer.
    So how on earth is the processing fee of the processing plant calculated? There is a set of standards. In the garment processing industry, each place will have a set of industry standards according to the local salary level and factory size. There is an industry standard for how much a piece of clothing costs, how much a sleeve costs, how much a pocket opening costs, how much a zipper costs, and how much a tail costs.
    The processing cost of a piece of clothing is to multiply the sum of all the wages paid to the bottom workers by the corresponding multiplier, which is given according to the size of the factory, normally between 2.3 and 2.5. The larger the factory, the higher the multiplier.
    For example, if the price of a piece of clothing to the bottom worker is 10 yuan, the processing fee that the factory charges customers is 23-25 yuan. The extra ten yuan is the rent, water and electricity, tax, and the boss's profit. Of course, small factories with more than ten people can do it by multiplying it by 1.8 or 2 because there is no order, while some large factories that produce high-quality goods by multiplying it by 3 may not do it, depending on the specific situation.
    This is the relevant content of the quotation of the clothing factory. I hope it can help you. For more information about clothing wholesale or clothing customization, please feel free to contact us http://www.emergencyrocks.com !








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